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The Social Value of Reclink Australia structured sport program

“Reclink is more than just footy, it's not just a footy club. It's there to help people throughout their problems, and to help people with finding housing and stuff like that. They help people get off drugs, help people with alcohol problems, help people with accommodation for homeless people and stuff like that. So it’s a lot more than people think it actually is.” Reclink Participant Quote taken from the La Trobe University​ study on Reclink Australia and the social value of a Reclink Australia structured program. 


One of those lives

Reclink Australia, one of those days, charity, community

By Reclink Australia Founder Peter Cullen AM

A defining moment for me in life, and in relation to working with people experiencing complex disadvantage, came in my early days working at Sacred Heart Mission. I’d had a bad day and sat down beside a homeless man in the community centre, and said to him, “I’ve had one of those days”. Quick as a flash, he responded with, “I’ve had one of those lives”. Looking at him, I could see this was true, etched into his whole persona.


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