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Work Readiness - A pathway to employment

In 2014, Reclink piloted a work readiness project based at our Spring Hill Shed program in Brisbane. This project was funded as a work experience program through the Department of Employment as part of the Australian Government Work for the Dole initiative.

Reclink Australia is committed to delivering work readiness programs that focus on assisting participants to develop work skills which contribute to each job seeker’s future employability. The Reclink work readiness program incorporates structure and routine to emulate a workplace and activities are conducted in a group environment to enable participants to develop positive interpersonal interactions.

The programs, now operating across 7 sites in South-East Queensland enables participants to learn general woodworking skills, basic carpentry, furniture building and restoration, building musical instruments, rebuilding bicycles, in addition to having access to a computer lab for job seeking, basketball and tennis court.

The future vision of this project is to establish social enterprises providing gardening, landscaping and mowing services at affordable prices to community organisations and individuals, particularly targeted towards pensioners and people on a disability support payment.

This will create sustainable employment pathways for people engaged in this program whilst also making a positive contribution to regions in which these programs operate.