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Mumbai takes a mark for AFL

On a dusty piece of earth, young men dressed in various stripes and colours are looking skywards for a pointy football to come down into their arms because a grassroots competition of Aussie Rules has gained a foothold.

In Mumbai there are 8 Aussie Rules teams currently & a regular annual tournament - it brings together players from different backgrounds including the slums of Dharavi.

Now two of these Mumbai players have flown into Australia to play a game with a local Melbourne team, competition co-founder Sumesh Savant, Saurabh Bhandekar and Mumbai co-ordinator Lincoln Harris who has his company India Unbound.

What started as a kick to kick evolved into regular Aussie Rules games and training and that was the beginning of the league that now exists in Mumbai.

Lincoln had a connection to Reclink in Melbourne and introduced the organisation to his work over there. Reclink founder Peter Cullen has been to India several times now as has other Reclink executives and beneficiaries.

Lincoln and India Unbound and Reclink are now partners and are now trying to build a bigger, sustainable Aussie Rules network in India.

Listen to the Radio National story here:

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