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High Density Housing turns to arts and craft

High Density Housing Art and Craft Show. JACSD Justice Reinvestment Manager Nova Inkpen, Shane Rattenbury, Reclink project manager Mark Ransome, Reclink CEO John Ballis

THE opening of the “High Density Housing Art and Craft Show” this week aims to build community spirit on Ainslie Avenue in the Australia Capital Territory. 

The exhibition was opened by Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs Shane Rattenbury and is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to programs designed to reduce crime, promote social inclusion and reduce antisocial behaviour in the area.

“The High Density Housing Program has helped build a strong sense of community in the Ainslie Avenue area. It has supported residents to develop stronger connections in the community, develop self confidence and boost residents’ self esteem,” says Rattenbury.

Rattenbury says the works featured in the show were developed in the newly located Skills Development Shed.

“The Skills Development Shed involves Ainslie Avenue residents of all ages and many different backgrounds.

“It is a community hub for residents who want to come together and enjoy building or repairing wooden furniture.  It also represents a place where they can feel safe and supported.”

Arts and craft was created by Ainslie Avenue residents is now on display at the Kanangra Court community garden.


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