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4 times Waleed Aly was too cool for school

If you type “Waleed Aly” into Google, the top three results are: Waleed Aly wife, Waleed Aly Twitter, Waleed Aly Monash. But if he keeps up his latest shenanigans, there will be another entry dominating that internet search: Waleed Aly rocks.

The Gold Logie winner, Walkley winner and The Project host took to the stage on Sunday after the Reclink Community Cup, slaying a cover of Prince’s Purple Rain and looking ever so comfortable alongside music stars Dan Sultan and Regurgitator.

It’s the latest in a string of seemingly endless impressive public appearances for Waleed. The question keeps arising: Is there anything Waleed Aly cannot do?

Here’s just a handful of incidents that highlight Waleed’s dominance, starting with the latest escapade.

1. Slaying covers

Dan Sultan has a voice that could cut through glass, a gravelly soulful tone that has earned him ARIAs and accolades. Regurgitator are ’90s Aussie indie pop royalty. And yet, somehow, Waleed stole the show.

2. Breaking down barriers

When Waleed won the Gold Logie earlier this year, he didn’t tear up and thank his mum in a short and forgettable speech. He used his position to spark a debate, to challenge the status quo. The win became so much more than just another awards ceremony. Read the full story here.

3. Galvanising a country

As Waleed’s public profile increases, so does his influence. His semi-regular segments on The Project have become must-watch television for a new generation. He speaks directly down the barrel of a camera and, there’s no denying it, his messages are being heard and acted on. Rows of empty supermarket shelves followed his call to buy Australian milk. 

4. Slaying more covers

OK, we know Waleed has a long list of other things that make him enviably awesome, but how could we resist using this footage of him stepping up to the plate to smash out the solo in Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb.

We bow down to King Waleed. Long may he reign.



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