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Theresa Sgambaro and Peter Cullen Awarded Life Membership of Reclink

As part of proceedings at the recent Reclink Australia 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner, two Life Memberships were presented to Theresa Sgambaro and Peter Cullen.

Theresa received the honour as Reclink’s longest-standing current Director (outside of Peter), who has acted as the organisation’s Treasurer for the majority of the last 17 years.

Phil Morley, Reclink’s General Manager of Finance and Corporate Services, presented Theresa with her Life Membership on the night and spoke glowingly of her incredible commitment to the organisation.

“Theresa has a true passion for the financial viability and financial efficiency of Reclink and our programs,” he said.

“Theresa cares deeply about the people in our community that struggle and need Reclink.

“Theresa will ask the challenging questions and engage in the robust discussion,” he said.

“Theresa’s work for Reclink is one of the reasons we are celebrating 30 years.”

Theresa was understandably and visibly emotional upon receiving her Life Membership on the night, and also made an effort to acknowledge the incredible amount of support she had received across her time with Reclink.

The second award of Life Membership on the night was to Reclink’s Founder, Peter Cullen.

Peter’s contribution to Reclink has long been spoken about, with the journey of the organization commencing when he performed a simple ‘kick-to-kick’ of the football among homeless and disadvantaged residents of St. Kilda.

His dedication, passion, generosity and kindness across the last 30 years has never wavered, and to this day he is working as hard as ever to help those in the community who need it most through programs such as Sports Share.

Since those days in St. Kilda, Peter’s legacy has seen Reclink Australia expand nationally to include programs that place Peter’s unofficial motto of ‘Including the Unincluded’ at the forefront of it’s mission.

Peter’s daughter Lucinda spoke on Peter’s behalf on the night of the Gala and said that her father’s greatest asset in life has been to “always see the good in people”.

Lucinda also recalled that Peter’s selflessness had also seen him stay in homeless shelters and interact with disadvantaged members of the community on multiple occasions when initially travelling around Australia and working to expand Reclink’s footprint.

Theresa and Peter respectively become the 6th and 7th people to be presented with Life Membership of Reclink Australia, and both of them ironically hail as long-time residents of Werribee in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

On behalf of Reclink Chair Michael Brown, the Reclink Australia Board and all of its staff members, we sincerely thank both Theresa and Peter for their amazing contributions and congratulate them both for this marvelous achievement.

Article: Sam Wharton.

Reclink 30th Celebration
Images: Bruce Davis.

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