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Spotlight on Sophie Bejek: Reclink Dancefit Instructor

Reclink Dancefit Instructor

My name is Sophie Bejek, I came from Syria to Australia as a refugee in 2018. I have a bachelor degree in Biotechnology Engineering.

Soon after I arrived in Australia, I connected with Inner West Council in Sydney through a community program that was run by Settlement Services International, in the Refugee Welcome Centre.

Since then, I have received a lot of support and many opportunities. Inner West Council invited me to run Dancefit classes after obtaining the required skills and licences. I was open to this opportunity as I love dancing, music, and sport, even though I didn't have any experience in this. I'm grateful to have received that offer, as it helped me discover a new passion and opened up a new horizon for me.

Through Inner West Council I was introduced to Reclink Australia, which connected me to a variety of community groups to run Dancefit classes for them.

My work with Reclink is so valuable and gives my service meaning, as I work closely with people from different backgrounds and circumstances, including refugees. I enjoy connecting participants with a fun and healthy experience and improving their wellbeing.

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