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Reclink WA Providing Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Women with Health & Wellbeing Opportunities thanks to HBF in 2021

The Reclink WA team had identified through a program review and analysis, that there is a substantial deficiency in our female participation rates.

The team had identified that there is an increased requirement to focus on breaking down the barriers for the women from our specialist agencies and create more targeted pathways into physical activity to help improve women’s health and well-being.

The Reclink WA team identified target groups of women with significant barriers to accessing opportunities for sport and recreation.

These groups consisted of CALD groups, at-risk youth, isolated seniors, homeless women, people experiencing mental health issues and women from low socio economic backgrounds.

In partnership with women’s health and/or support services we removed barriers by providing activities on site or where the groups were able to access the programs safely.

Through stakeholder consultation, we also identified the types of programs that would effectively engage specific cohorts.

There were over 1000 vulnerable or disadvantaged women that were provided an opportunity to engage in sport & recreation for their first time ever due to our programs supported by HBF.

Through the course of the project health information sessions were also provided to the groups to increase self sufficiency of participants to seek health related support.

Topics included Covid vaccine, mental health and wellbeing, female reproductive organ health, nutrition, continence and diabetes.

These sessions provided tools and strategies for wellbeing as well as referral for free specialist support.

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