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An Inspiring Partnership

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Thank you to CatholicCare Tasmania for the below article...

In 2019, CatholicCare’s Inspire @ Home program enjoyed its first introduction to Reclink in Tasmania. One year on, the partnership has grown from strength to strength.

When the young people of CatholicCare’s Inspire @ HOME program requested more opportunities for social inclusion and social interaction, this provided the opportunity for increased fitness, participation and wellbeing. Enter Reclink Australia, a not-for-profit organisation focusing on enhancing the lives of people experiencing disadvantage or facing significant barriers to participation, through providing new and unique sports, specialist recreation and arts programs.  

Throughout the past twelve months, Reclink has worked proactively with the Inspire @ HOME program and has customised their offering to be aligned with the specific needs of our young people. During Covid-19, Reclink provided sport and recreational equipment to each of our houses including soccer balls and footballs, playing cards, skipping ropes and other items. Furthermore, there was an opportunity for our young people to enjoy recreational activities in their own backyard, as well as online fitness and yoga programs.  

Post-Covid, Reclink has played a key role in making sport and recreational programs accessible for our young people across the state. In Launceston, a number of our young people are utilising the benefits of the Reclink Membership on a nightly basis including gym membership, trampolining and swimming, as well as weekly equine therapy programs. Most recently, Reclink has organised personal training sessions for our young people at a local park in Hobart, and have kindly supported the Inspire@HOME Bruny Island Camp through the provision of water bottles, volley, soccer and footballs, plus a volleyball net.   

To learn more about Reclink’s partnership with CatholicCare, please contact our Child Advocate Geraldine via email 

A big thank you to Reclink for all of the support that has been extended to our program over the last twelve months.

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