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Together We Are The Transformers

June of 2014 saw the culmination of months of preparation for the Queensland Choral sound in which the Transformers preformed as headliners at the Courier-Mail Piazza, performing three new original songs with a 60 piece choir of volunteers.

We welcomed a few new members and set our sights on the International Disability Day celebrations at the State Library of Queensland in December. Although well prepared and looking forward to this event it was sadly postponed after freak storms damaged the building.

One pleasant episode during the year was a visit from Mark who is involved in a similar choir in England, the Choir With No Name. He was very impressed with the way our choir operated and we exchanged recording.

The end of the year saw our musical conductor, Kiri leaving to pursue other endeavours.  Luckily Kiri suggested Rosalind Perry who was available, enthusiastic and has proven to be a wonderful choice.

Starting the New Year was quite a challenge for Rosalind as the Library event was re-scheduled for early February and through natural attrition we had lost a few members and had a group of brand new members. So we all had to work together to be up to speed.  The event was a big success and the choir was once again very well received.

With a new conductor and an almost new choir much of the first half of 2015 was spent consolidating the new line-up and working towards new songs and new arrangements in the lead up to performances in September (Brisbane Square Library as part of Disability Week) and October (Sanity Fair as part of Mental Health Week).