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5 February 2017
Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre
12 Ligar Street

As you are aware the Sunbury Reclink Sports Club are hosting an Aquathon at the Sunbury Pool on  Sunday the 5th of February. The purpose of the event is fourfold:

  1. Create awareness of what Reclink does in the community - provide sport, recreation and education programs for marginalized and disadvantaged people
  2. Raise funds for Reclink to provide ongoing support for the community going forward.
  3. Provide activities for the general public, adults and kids to enjoy a fun community day
  4. Create a purposeful fitness activity for the local football and netball clubs after returning from their Christmas break  

The Aquathon will be held on Sunday 5th February 2017 at 8.00am with a BBQ and presentations to follow. Registrations will be at the Rotunda in the Rotary park starting at 7am. There will be 3 events available. The cost per person will be $10 and you can register here:

The long course will be a 2 km run, 200m swim, 2 km run, 200m swim and 2km run.  Starts at 8am.   

The sprint course will be a 1km run, 100m swim, 1 km run, 100m swim and 1 km run.  Starts at 8.15am

The Kids fun aqua will be 200m run, 25m swim, 200m run, 25m swim and 200m run.  Starts at 9am

There is an activity for everyone.

For the Football clubs involved, there will be a trophy presented to the club who has the most top 10 finishers in each of the adult events. There will be awards for the top 3 finishers in each race.